Emerge Unstoppable in 2011!

Emerge Unstoppable in 2011! That's my mission this year. Join me as I blog about life during divorce, raising a three year old, and the fight to live one's dream of being a writer, a graphic designer, a prayerfully a success at it all.
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Monday, August 29, 2011

It Takes Dedication!

So far you've read what I want to do with my life, why that's important to know, whether I believe anyone would notice if I cease to exist (apparently a Lindy can fall in the woods and still make a sound whether someone is there to hear her or not), and the purpose I feel I serve in the lives of others. It was a BIG week in self-discovery last week. Ha!

Now, let's examine what I believe my life is dedicated to. Yes, that is W. Gary Gore's next question on the Core Purpose Questionnaire: What is my life dedicated to?

Here's the long and the short of it: Joy! Growth! My little girl! Supporting us financially! Our church and church family! Our friends and family! Exploration! Adventure! Experimentation (especially in life)! and sharing what we have with others! 

I imagine the Grammar Divas and others in my writing circle might be reading that paragraph chastising me for entirely too many exclamation points. I find it critical  to end each of those points with an exclamation point. Why? Because it reinforces the fact that I am excited about doing each one individually. I feel good about each one and want to live in a constant state of excitement about them because if I don't...they won't happen. Get it?

I am excited about the joy I currently have in my life and I invite more of it! I am excited about growth in my life and I manifest it! I am excited about my little girl and I love her whether she's happy, sad or spitting fire! I'm excited about supporting us financially and I do something about it! I'm excited about having a wonderful church home and family and I find ways to get more involved and give more! I'm excited about exploration therefore I get off the couch and explore! I'm excited about adventure! I'm excited about experimentation! I'm excited about sharing what I have with others! You see the theme, right? If I am excited I can create excitement and therefore no matter what I will be given what I am looking for.

I just launched a new business and a new blog called Real Life Entrepreneurship. I invite you to check it out. In my new adventure I am my own experiment, I found joy, I am growing, I am supporting us financially, and I'm finding countless ways to give back.

That's what my life is all about. Won't you support me? How can I support you? Will you join me?

Until tomorrow, I remain Unstoppable.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Inspiration from God, Church and Music

Okay, so not too many of us bloggers blog about church life, but if you're going to know me, you're going to have to know about these incredible moments in my life. Like the ones that happened yesterday.

Waking up yesterday morning, I had no idea what my day would bring; a blessing to me as I love to take things as they come. But, yesterday felt different. I decided, among other things, to attend my home church. Despite the pain that comes from sitting in one of those old wood pews in the church where I was married, I find a great deal of peace there. The peace of knowing my church family cares for me and my little girl; the peace of familiar faces and greetings; of knowing that my pastor will ask me, "Where the hell have you been?" (Love her!)

I attended church yesterday to receive all of that peace, to hear a wonderful message in a place I call home. I heard that the Agnes Scott College Collegiate Chorale was going to provide the music, but I had no idea what it would mean. What a joy! They performed in a way that brought out the best in our small congregation. The energy in the room was palpable as parishioners listened to the exquisite melodies and lifted their heads in response.

One particular poignant moment for me was listening to There Is No Rose (Z. Randall Stroope). I closed my eyes to listen to the harmonious sounds of the chorale and witnessed beautiful whitish-pink smoke fill the room and enter into each of us, like the Holy Spirit filling us with the peace, passion, inspiration each of needed for the day. It was amazing; a moment I will treasure always.

I would be remiss in my blogger duties if I didn't tell you how tickled I was to hear the chorale, directed by our own Elise Eskew, perform Hail, Holy Queen (traditional arrangement by Shaman) in a stylized (aka. Rock n'Roll) version. Recall the movie, Sister Act with Whoopi Goldberg. There you go! An exciting, updated arrangement that had us all tapping and clapping along. The Agnes Scott Collegiate Chorale did an amazing job as did Elise.

Breaking from tradition is what inspires me about our little Emory Presbyterian Church. It's not all about the Order of Service, or getting things just right. It's not about following the Good Book chapter and verse, but more about loving each other for who we are. Where I am in life speaks to this. Most of my church family knows my husband isn't home watching football. Some don't, and they ask where he is, but that's okay. I can honestly say he wasn't able to come. No matter the depth and breadth of knowledge, they all love and except me as separated or married, working or jobless, happy or sad, faithful or doubting. And that, my friends, is what makes my church home so valuable and inspiring to me.

Until next time, I remain Unstoppable.