Emerge Unstoppable in 2011!

Emerge Unstoppable in 2011! That's my mission this year. Join me as I blog about life during divorce, raising a three year old, and the fight to live one's dream of being a writer, a graphic designer, a prayerfully a success at it all.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Today, and every day, I am thankful for my husband, my little red-head, a father who pushed hard and a mother who cared almost to a fault; sunshine, wind, clouds, and rain, and even on occasion, fog rolling in over grey sandy beaches reminding me that even the most joyous places sometimes need a blanket to snuggle under; trees, and grass, and flowers of all sorts that share with us the power of growth and renewal; I'm thankful for hand-sewn quilts and the nimble fingers that so carefully stitched them; for dogs and cats and squirrels and all the little critters that keep us entertained on afternoon walks; for friends that come in all shapes, sizes, and origins who care nothing about the mistakes I've made, but who I've become because of those mistakes; for a family who so lovingly and joyously celebrates the goodness, shares hugs in the sadness, and rejoices in the light of each new day; Today I'm thankful for everything I've learned this year as a woman, a mom, a wife, a novelist, a domestic, a freelancer, an editor, a friend. Most importantly, I'm thankful for you. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. May your day be filled with everything you are thankful for.

Until next time I remain, Unstoppable.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Your Whole Life Changes So Pay Attention

Sitting here on my balance ball in front of my desktop, I've vowed to myself to: be a better mom, a more loving wife, a good friend, a weekly blogger. It's Monday, so making a new start sounds like a good plan. Why wait for the New Year?

Life changes each day for this busy mom and wife. Saying prayers with my three year old before bed, I realize the improvements, mainly friendships that mean so much to us. The days when I would sit at a Georgia Romance Writers meeting at a table alone are long gone. Those moments at the playground pushing my little girl in the swing wishing for another mom to come along and strike up a conversation are far in the past. Now, along with the loving support of my family and cherished friends, I have critique partners who share in my agony over transitioning present tense to past, and moms and dads who text to say, "We'll see you at he playground at 3:30!" I look forward to dinners with new friends, and coffee with old, and most especially alone with my husband, or on a blanket in the middle of the living room with my daughter. To think I could have missed all of this.

So friends, as Thanksgiving quickly approaches and Christmas falls in line like a tin soldier, take note of your life. Do you feel strapped? Trapped in a rut? Or, are you seeing all the things you want out of life come to fruition? Whatever the case, pay attention. Otherwise, the wonderful things just might pass you by.

Until next time, I remain, Unstoppable.