Emerge Unstoppable in 2011!

Emerge Unstoppable in 2011! That's my mission this year. Join me as I blog about life during divorce, raising a three year old, and the fight to live one's dream of being a writer, a graphic designer, a prayerfully a success at it all.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Unstoppable Blog

Welcome to the new and improved Unstoppable Blog!

I heard recently that it is better to be whole than to be good. That one dwells with the Divine by embracing his or her nature. Do you believe that to be true? If so, I hope you will "Follow Me" this year as I journey down my path and Emerge Unstoppable in 2011.

If you want the back-story, please read my profile. Today is the first day of my new life, not a day to dwell on the past. Good-bye old me. Hello world!

I'll bet your wondering what's so special about this blog. Well, not much up until now, except that it is written by me. Ha! Kidding. My older posts are still available if you are interested in knowing more about my spirit, my writing, and who you are reading. But, looking ahead, I promise to bring you entertaining content, wisdom as I know it, and tips to make the journey of becoming a new writer your own.

Here's the plan:
Every Monday is Malleable Monday. That means I am giving you permission to take what is usually the worst day of the week and make it what you want it to be - bend it, shape it, make it your happy day. My Malleable Monday posts will focus on the ABCs for New Writers. In other words: Inspiration, Direction, Motivation. At lease, until we get to "Z".

Wednesdays are Wisdom Wednesdays. This is where we will share with each other little bits of wisdom we have gained as individuals.

And finally, Truth or Fiction Thursdays. Each Thursday I will share a short with you that is so incredible, so unbelievable, that you will have to ask yourself - Is it truth or is it fiction? Then hopefully, you'll share your answer with the group.

As for today and the re-launch of the Unstoppable Blog, I would like to gain 25 followers. How do you follow? Just click on the Follow button at the top of the page and follow the directions. (Lots of following to be done!) If you "Follow Me" today, midnight February 28, 2011 to midnight, March 1, 2011 (EST) your name will be entered into a drawing to win the Unstoppable T-shirt (or another Unstoppable product of your choosing). It's a cool shirt and it will get you started on your journey to Emerging Unstoppable in 2011!

Until Wednesday, I remain,

Monday, February 14, 2011

Be Your Own Valentine!

Last night I sat alone in my living room bored to tears by commercials, missing the three-year-old love of my life that is on vacation with her dad, wishing that a heart-shaped box of chocolates would magically appear on my doorstep. How silly is that? After realizing I was throwing myself yet another pity party, I made a command decision: I rented Eat Pray Love and poured myself a glass of wine. For the next two hours I blubbered like a fool over how closely my life resembles fiction (or in this case, semi-non).

Here I am in the throes of reinvention, terrified about what is going to happen next, just starting to gain that unique perspective that: I am a strong woman, the Universe has determined my path, now all I need is to pay attention and do the work. I get it! I'm listening! I'm doing the work. My dream of being an author is being realized. My project calendar proves that. I can revise a novel in a week (without a three-year-old in tow). I can write a novel in a month. I can learn new things, accomplish goals, and add all of them to my resume. I can make money, live healthy, move forward and be happy, or I can just survive.

The heart-shaped box of chocolates isn't going to magically appear at my door, I don't need them to because I no longer want to be a survivor. I want the spice, the seasoning, the varied colors and textures of my favorite chocolates. I know what I want. When I'm craving good chocolate, I know where to find it. I can find it 365 days of the year. It doesn't have to come wrapped with a bow, though I might do that as a treat just for me. It's all my choice. I own it.

Now, don't get me wrong, one very important lesson learned from last night's "boo hoo fest" is that sometimes you need the imbalance of love to balance life, but that isn't where I am. I'm at the second act. I know what I'm missing, I'm out to discover it, and once I do maybe the Universe will see fit to throw me for a love loop AGAIN. For now I am content to get to know myself and what I am capable of. That's the sweet realization I need on this Valentine's Day. What about you?

Be you married, single, in limbo, in love, in pain, or otherwise, I hope on this Valentine's Day you will charge out your door, head straight to your nearest chocolatier and surprise yourself with the treat YOU desire, and deserve, most.

Until next time, I remain,
The Unstoppable Ms. Start